Every story has a motive, an almost magical moment that “unites” with invisible connotations that follow…

… In the 18th century, the government of Brazil sent Francisco de Mello Palheta, a military official, to French Guiana in order to come back with coffee seeds for the creation of the country’s own plantations. Indeed, by using his charm, Palheta managed to bring the coffee to Brazil, inaugurating a new era and leading to the inspiration of the name Dimello for us!

Our journey to the world of coffee is so different every time, but always very charming, since we, in the footsteps of our inspirer, flirt with new, excellent varieties and map out exotic paths – from the farm and the coffee tree to the transformation of the bean during the roasting process and the ritual of distillation -, paths that make the production of a Dimello coffee just about magical.

Therefore, ever since then, with perseverance, passion and devotion, we aim for each cup of espresso we produce to be consistently fine, aromatic and tasty and to create a pleasurable experience every single time.

Dimello is … the inexhaustible enthusiasm of our people, our team spirit and consistently high values.
Dimello is … our continuous pursuit of the secrets hidden behind this small miracle of Engineering, Chemistry and Physics; which in the language of the senses is interpreted as a full flavor, rich aroma and velvety body.

We love our coffee and hope you enjoy our blend as much as we do.