Professional Equipment

Every coffee bean that travels from our plant to the places where the Dimello logo exists must be…“examined” by us!
Only in this way can we ensure that the consumers will enjoy what they expect to.

Perfection in the Dimello cup necessitates total quality and technical support, top equipment and proper, systematic maintenance.

We believe and invest in the human factor, which is why we maintain a skilled team of barista experts, as well as technicians with state-of-the-art control equipment, so that we can provide our customers with high-level integrated services.

We test and evaluate every new machine that is available abroad and we are constantly trained by foreign equipment suppliers.

We work with the leading brands of coffee machines, grinders and other professional equipment, such as: La Marzocco, Faema, Mazzer, MCE, DIP, Brass, La Piccola…, which are just some of the equipment solutions we recommend, after careful consideration of the space and the potential of each café.

We maintain an adequate supply of spare parts to cover our customer network nationwide.

On a daily basis we check our customers’ machines and intervene whenever deemed necessary, perfecting the result.

We systematically train our sales associates all over Greece and assist them in sustaining local maintenance equipment units, so that the same Dimello can be enjoyed everywhere.

Our commitment is inviolable: every Dimello coffee must be perfect.