About Us

We are an Independent family brand that selects, roasts, prepares and distributes the finest espresso & filter coffees.

We are contemporary coffee craftspeople.

We believe that true artisanship in the modern world is achieved through the alchemy of tradition & technological advances. It’s this mix of craft & innovation that enables us to consistently deliver the finest coffees directly from the coffee plant to the coffee cup.

The Simplicity in our approach.

Coffee is complex. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. We believe in making coffee understandable. We are trusted by our customers to select and craft only the best green coffee. We deliver an easy to understand, approachable and finely cultured espresso & filter coffee portfolio.

We are experts but never masters.

We believe that coffee is about continual learning. We’re committed to constant evolution; mixing a passion for the traditional with the latest of approaches to crafting the finest espresso & filter coffees. Since day one we’re learning from the people who tend the soil, the professional baristas who prepare our coffee and from the customer that crafts their own cup. We will continue to innovate from their teachings, evolving and optimizing our craft. We will have the desire to teach others, as many as we can???

Pure Coffee enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

Coffee is all about people.

We believe that coffee is a people business. We build friendships and create partnerships based on the notion of earning people’s trust. From the farmers who cultivate and harvest, to the professionals who prepare to the customers who drink our coffee; we look to support & enable the communities in which we work. We believe that as a responsible member of the coffee community it is up to all of us to create a long - term sustainable way of working that benefits all concerned.