Brand Values

Expertly selected

Selection with expertise and experience

From the very beginning of our company, we have developed close personal relationships with local farms and producers. We select the best coffee varieties from producing countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Colombia, and Nicaragua. We succeed in having absolute control over the parameters that lead us to perfection: suitable climate conditions, seasonality, crops and stability in quality.

Finely crafted

Crafted with mastery

The excellent raw materials pass through the “magic” hands of our specially trained partners who will showcase to the maximum the organoleptic features of Dimello: rich flavor, knit body, intense aroma. With their experience, love, passion and enthusiasm they curate all the stages of processing, roasting, production – with the necessary quality controls – and final packaging, ensuring that Dimello espresso is always delivered fresh to the final customer.

Lovingly prepared

Prepared with care

From the creators of coffee to the professional baristi who prepare it, all our people are committed to always transforming the finest quality blends into a pleasurable coffee experience from the very first sip!