Our Coffee

At Dimello we feel that coffee is alive

From one region to the next, from one season to another the nature of coffee changes and evolves. This means expertise in knowing where to look and who to ask for great coffee is invaluable. We specialize in the crafting of the finest contemporary artisan coffee. From the lowlands to the highlands of the coffee producing regions, across three continents and all the coffee cultures; our aim is to provide premium espresso and filter coffees to be enjoyed around the world.


The single origin and blended coffees we craft are cultivated by independent growers, individual farms and localized cooperatives. We take only the most cultured of beans; lovingly preparing and roasting them. Evolving them into individual, sophisticated and well balanced coffees.


We import the finest green coffee beans from every major coffee producing region in the world and produce High quality espresso and filter coffee with maximum performance of all its characteristics: cream, body, colour, aroma, flavour.


Dimello espresso pods and capsules. Unique blend of top Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties from Central, South America, Africa and India.